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I (Don’t) Got The San Francisco Bay Blues

I’m ridiculously excited. Due to some fortunate circumstances my wife and I have the opportunity to visit San Francisco next June. A jaunt that would usually be way beyond our reach financially.

Cool in itself, but the icing on the cake is I’ve been able to book a three hour private harmonica lesson with my blues mentor David Barrett at The School of The Blues in San Jose.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started his online course which taught me the skills I’m now sharing with you guys, and quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not to mention the fact that I’ll get to check out the live music scene in San Francisco and San Jose.

Apologies for the bragging post but I needed to tell people. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity, and of course to my amazing (and long suffering) wife for making it happen.

Enough of me gushing. Get some Barrett in your ears.

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Notes, Scales and Positions on the Harmonica

I’ve written a brief primer on the notes on your harmonica and how they work in the first three positions.

It examines major scales for first position, and how the scales in second and third position differ.

Hope it’s of some use. Here’s the link to the pdf: http://leedsharmonica.uk/resources/notes-on-your-harmonica.pdf

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Crowd Sourced YouTube Playlist

A little while ago I started putting together a YouTube playlist of favourite harmonica performances to share with students as inspiration and introduce new players and styles.

Then I thought why not throw it out to everyone. I’ll start it off and then if any of you guys want to send me links to your favourite videos we can make a Leeds Harmonica playlist between us.

So let me know, old or new, any style. As long as there’s a harmonica in it. Those songs that make you want to pick up your harp and play.

Here’s the direct link to the playlist I’ve put together so far.

I’m fascinated to hear what’s been inspiring you.

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How to Memorise Licks (and have fun doing it)

There’s been an unprecedented burst of productivity round here these last few days. Here’s a quick video on internalising licks and getting them ingrained in your long term memory. You’ll need to have a bit of experience for this to make proper sense. It’s not intended for beginners (Sorry! I’ll do some more fundamental stuff soon) but it’s really fun once you get going with it. A great way to spend some practice time. Enjoy.

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Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues for Harmonica Players (Part 01)

Been working on this for a while now and I think it’s ready to release into the wild. The first part of what I intend to turn into a series introducing new players to the 12 bar blues, what is is and how we play along with it. Links to playing examples are included.

I sincerely hope that folks find this useful and enlightening. It’s exactly the kind of thing I wish I’d had access to while trying to learn this stuff. Feedback and corrections are encouraged.

Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues for Harmonica Players Part 01.

Have at it folks!

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Harmonica Lessons Online? It Works!

Skype is a free computer program which allows people to chat online with both video and audio. It’s also a perfectly viable way of delivering harmonica lessons. I realise that many people are skeptical but if you’re interested I’d encourage you to give it a chance. Not only does it mean I can connect with… Continue reading Harmonica Lessons Online? It Works!

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The Small Change Diaries and Phil Doleman

I had the massive pleasure of supporting The Small Change Diaries at the launch of their new album a couple of weeks ago. I did a harmonica solo for the album and have sat in with them a few times. At this gig I was also invited to sit in with multi-instrumentalist Phil Doleman on… Continue reading The Small Change Diaries and Phil Doleman