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Destination Bollywood

Two fantastic harmonica album releases today from two very different players. If you’ve spent any time at all with me talking harmonica you’ll know about my deep appreciation of Joe Filisko, his playing, promotion of pre-war blues styles and harmonica in general. Destination Unknown is the fourth album in partnership with guitarist Eric Noden. It’s… Continue reading Destination Bollywood

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The History of Blues Harmonica Concert

Back in 2010 (y’know, the olden days) Joe Filisko, David Barrett and others put together a concert charting the evolution of blues harmonica form the twenties to the naughties. I’m not sure why it’s not occurred to me before to recommend this to people who want to learn to play – and especially if the… Continue reading The History of Blues Harmonica Concert

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Grant Dermody in the UK

This is hugely exciting. I’ve mentioned Grant Dermody here before. Easily one of my favourite living harmonica players. Primarily acoustic, his style is heavily reliant on tongue blocking techniques and a superb musicality. The man is good, and he’s playing a rare UK show in Nottingham on July 28th! I’m going to do my best… Continue reading Grant Dermody in the UK

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Rare Early Blues Harp Recordings Introduced by Joe Filisko

This has been around for a while but it’s an absolute treasure trove of early harmonica recordings so I felt it worth posting. Joe Filisko introduces each track on the essential Harmonica Rarities – 59 Rare Recordings From the 20’s-60’s 2 CD set. Disc one comprises entirely of solo, unaccompanied harmonica performances, including prime examples… Continue reading Rare Early Blues Harp Recordings Introduced by Joe Filisko