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Suck it and See – Harmonica on BBC Radio

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in March 2016, this is a cute little show about the harmonica. Obviously it’s aimed at a general audience rather than the hardcore harp nerd I’m sure you are, but it should be of interest to new players as well. There’s some good history stuff and contributions from Joe Filisko and David Barrett.

It’s available on BBC iPlayer for the time being at least. If you can’t access it from where you are let me know and I’ll get you an mp3 copy (shhh, don’t tell anyone).

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Frequent Practicing trumps Long Practicing

This is one of the most valuable tips (along with practicing slowly) you may ever get, so please pay attention. I speak from experience, and I don’t want you to suffer the same setbacks I’ve had. Here’s the tip: If you do frequent, short practices you will improve faster than if you do infrequent, long… Continue reading Frequent Practicing trumps Long Practicing

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My 2 Draw is Broken! (No, it isn’t)

I’m fortunate that I get to help people take their first steps on the harmonica. For some folks this has been a lifelong ambition, and I love sharing people’s enthusiasm and helping them overcome the challenges. There are a few things that regularly catch people out right at the start. The harmonica is a very… Continue reading My 2 Draw is Broken! (No, it isn’t)